Video Grabber Plugin

Easily import videos from other video sharing websites.

This plugin extends the AVS functionality with a new upload alternative (available only for the website administrator): automatically import videos, along with their title, description, tags, duration and thumbnail, from other video websites, by simply entering the video URL.

You now also have the option to choose between multiple video versions/resolutions (HD, SD, mobile, etc), when available.

Import videos from

Automatically grabs

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Please note that we DO NOT guarantee a 100% permanent functionality of the video grabbers. The 3rd-party websites that we use to grab content from may change their structure at any time, which will cause our grabbers to stop working. As soon as a grabber stops working because of a 3rd-party website modification, we will re-investigate the download method and update the grabber code ASAP in order to work again. Please constantly upgrade your video grabber plugin, downloading the latest versions from your Client Area.

Please purchase only if you agree with the above. We are not responsible if a grabber stops working, since it relies on a 3rd party website which may change at any time, but we will do our best to fix it in no time.

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